Indiana Democratic Party training diverse potential candidates

Source: Nuvo
Author: Katja Krasnovsky


The Indiana Democratic Party held a training session for Hoosiers interested in running for office last month with a record number of 200 registrants, diverse in gender and race.


The goal of the training is to inspire a more diverse field of candidates in terms of gender, age and ethnicity.


“[Politics] have become really divisive,” says Poonam Gill, who’s running for a seat in Indiana’s state House of Representatives. “I think people are sick of it.” Gill emphasizes that the community is the party, and if voices are wanting to be heard, people have to show up and actively be part of it.


“What motivates me is wanting to create change,” Gill continues. “I think if people don’t like what they’re seeing in their community, they have to step up and get involved. I think we need a change in our leadership. We need new ideas, we need new perspectives, and we need people from all different kinds of backgrounds to be represented.”


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