Legislative special session wasteful, avoidable

Source: IndyStar
Author: Poonam Gill


If you failed to get your job done on time, would you be at risk for losing it?


Our state elected officials believe someone else should pick up the tab for their mistakes. The GOP controlled legislature stuck taxpayers with more than $30,000 for an “emergency” special session that catered to special interests. With Republican super majorities controlling both chambers, there was no excuse for calling a special session.


That $30,000 could have paid annual textbook fees for more than 270 students, childcare costs for three kids, or pre-K tuition for four kids.


Lawmakers voted to suspend part of our state constitution and fast track legislation in one day – no amendments, no improvements, and no public comment needed.


Misplaced priorities and failed leadership have brought us to this point. There is a lack of balance in representation at our Statehouse where no one is held accountable for inefficiency and poor decision making. Out of touch career politicians who believe emergency special sessions are reserved for special interests only.


We need to bring balance back to our Statehouse, where all representatives will work together and create solutions that move Indiana forward. The super majority isn’t working for us, and it’s costing hardworking Hoosiers.



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