Legislators Failed To Do Their Job

Source: IndyStar
Author: Poonam Gill


Misplaced priorities. Overdue assignments. Failure to do the job. Excuses, excuses. You would think I’m talking about an errant middle schooler. No. I’m talking about our state elected officials: our legislature.


When bills for loan sharking and the outlawing of eyeball tattoos are introduced in the legislature, lawmakers are alarmingly out of touch. Their finger pointing and blame don’t go far when lawmakers had plenty of time to hear these bills — bills that did nothing to improve the lives of hardworking Hoosiers.


And when the legislative session came to a chaotic end, so did the bill that would have increased funding for school safety. Hoosier children deserve to grow up in a safe learning environment. This bill was a priority for the governor, and yet, lawmakers could not get it done.


With Republican supermajorities controlling both chambers, there is no excuse for calling a special session. This would cost taxpayers nearly $30,000 a day, according to a recent report in the IndyStar.


Working together, listening to one another, and creating solutions that improve the lives of Hoosier families – this is what our representatives should be doing.


Our state government is in the hands of career politicians who have been in office for decades. How does this “experience” serve Hoosiers, if lawmakers wait until the last minute and still can’t get it done? Our employers expect us to deliver on time. We should expect the same from our elected officials.


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